Clay Birds

The song I posted today is for dreamers. Here’s the back story: it was 5th grade art class and we were doing a project in clay. I had decided to make an eagle, but not just any eagle. I wanted to create an eagle with its wings stretched out, preparing for flight. For weeks I worked diligently on my eagle. But I kept facing the same obstacle: I couldn’t get my eagle’s wings to stay up in the air. They kept flopping down. The final week of the project, the art teacher told me I wouldn’t be able to keep my eagle’s wings suspended unless I had some underwire to hold them in place, and at that point it was too late to pursue that option. So I smashed my bird down and made a little mouse with a baseball cap. I can still picture that mouse. He was quite cute. But he wasn’t close to the magnificent creature I had initially envisioned.

My song “Clay Birds” is about living in the space between a dream and that point on the map that says, “You are here.” Sometimes the distance between where I am currently and where I want to be is so immense I just want to give up. But usually after a good night of sleep, a strong cup of coffee, and a little sunshine :-), I remember, no, I love this, and I’m going to keep going after it.

My song “Clay Birds” is for dreamers. I hope it encourages people to move from the “here” to that wonderful place they dream of being.


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