Watching Stars

When my son Jeremiah was an infant, if he was acting a little fussy in the evenings, I would take him outside for walks along our cul-de-sac to quiet him. We would look at the stars together, and I would tell him how pretty they were as he hung out with me in his snuggly.

This memory inspired “Watching Stars,” a song about watching the stars in the sky as well as the stars/role models around us. It’s also about believing in, hoping for, and pursuing our dreams. Jeremiah recently signed a professional soccer contract with the Chicago Fire. One of his dreams has been realized, the opportunity to play for a Major League Soccer team. But, as with all things, when you start “living the dream,” the dream brings a whole set of new challenges.

So as Jeremiah embarks on this new venture, I hope this song can continue to encourage him as well as others of you hoping for things you can’t yet see.

What will you see?
Can you believe?
Bright morning star
Knows who you are


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