Last Laugh

This woman came to me in much the same way she does in the song, “through the back screen door.” I can still remember walking into my music room and it was almost as if she followed me in there… knocking on the back door of my brain. She is a rebel, and she brings change to the lives she touches.

The woman in this song is the opposite of my natural state. She’s confident, makes herself at home wherever she’s at, and challenges the status quo.

“She looks you in the eye/asks you the reason why/you still do the things you do?
You are so tongue-tied/somehow you can’t deny/this girl’s got you unglued….”

This song is off of the Motorcycle Man album. My Moonstruck by Mars partner, Dave Cocalis, and I have also put together a fun acoustic version we enjoy performing live. Hope you enjoy listening.


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